Personal Training Services


We all have a picture of what our Healthiest, Happiest, Thriving Self looks like. I would love to work with you to bring that person out. I've spent the majority of my life learning about & applying a Healthy Lifestyle. I believe in taking a Holistic approach that combines Optimal Nutrition with Functional Exercise. I'm known for being efficient, effective & relatable; and promise to maximize the time you spend with me to get you the quickest results.

Personal Training Services:

  • Complimentary initial consultation
    Get things rolling with a 30 min session with Ange where she'll review your current health & lifestyle and talk about your goals.
  • Personal Training
    Train 1:1 with Ange in where she will maximize your 30 or 60 minute session to get you results! Price per session decreases the more sessions you purchase.
  • Partner Training
    Bring a friend, family member or spouse to train with you, save money and have that extra bit of motivation! 

Nutritional & Health Coaching Services:

  • Custom Nutrition & Holistic Lifestyle Plan
    This is your roadmap to accessing the healthy, vibrant, energetic life you were meant to live!  Ange will build a Custom Nutrition, Exercise & Holisitic Lifestyle Plan to put you back on track to be your HEALTHIEST SELF! Book a free initial consultation first with Ange to assess your current health & your goals.  If you would like to work with Ange 1:1 and have a gameplan designed for you that will help you achieve your goals - then this is for you!
    Choose from 1 or 3 month packages Included in the monthly coaching packages:
    ★ Custom built Holistic lifestyle, nutrition + fitness plan
    ★ Coaching Sessions {2 x 20 min for 1 month, or 6 x 20 min for 3 month plan}
    ★ Review of your current health status, food journal + goals
    ★ Accountability, encouragement + answers to all your health questions
  • Kitchen Clean Up
    Is your kitchen in need of a Detox? Ange will come to your house and help you set up your kitchen to support you in being your Healithiest! She will create a healthy shopping list based on your goals and provide information on what to avoid when grocery shopping.
  • Grocery Store Tour
    Head to your favourite grocery/health food store with the expert! Ange will show you how to fill your cart to support a Healthy Clean Eating lifestyle and what to stay away from. You will learn how to understand food labels and how to shop cost effectively based on your meal plan.
  • Go Mama Glow Package
    Whether you're looking to have the healthiest pregnancy or wanting to keep that luminous mama glow you had for 9 months, this package is the key! Empower yourself with the perfect combination of Nutrition, Education & Fitness to set you up for glowing success!
For more information, please contact me at or
call 226.663.3243
Click on 'Book Now' below to schedule your Initial Consultation with Ange.  Ange will contact you within 2 business days to have you complete a Health Assessment and 3 day food journal to review at your Initial Consultation.
Cancellation Policy: We are pleased to offer our exceptional services to you and we believe that our time together is important. As such, we have a Cancellation Policy.  Please review it for further details and thank you for your consideration.